ProMotive provides staffing, recruitment, and outplacement services. We also provide project management services and effective and practical tools via consultation, training and coaching for everyday use in HR management and corporate management.


ProMotive provides staffing, recruitment, and outplacement services. We also provide project management services and effective and practical tools via consultation, training and coaching for everyday use in HR management and corporate management. All our activities are implemented with the interests of our clients in mind and with a collaborative approach.

Outplacement services

Our outplacement services help direct and guide people onto a new career path motivationally and efficiently. This is achieved in close cooperation with a consultant, who is involved throughout the entire process. We always offer one-on-one support and guidance in job seeking, and we actively participate in the candidate's search for new job opportunities. We meet with the job seeker when needed and do not set a limit on the number of meetings or their duration.

When we receive a larger assignment, we begin outplacement services with a 1-3 day group coaching event that covers change management and job searches. Coaching days are tailored to the specific needs of each group. After group coaching, we initiate one-on-one meetings. All of our job seeker candidates are assigned a consultant, who is responsible for guiding individuals throughout the entire outplacement process.

In dealing with organisational change, one of our key objectives is to enable the client to focus on the interests of personnel remaining in their current positions. This helps safeguard continued business development and the company as a whole.

Coaching for job seekers

We offer coaching for jobseekers. This is ideal for persons who need advice, support, and guidance in the development of job seeking skills and effective methods for job seeking. Coaching can also be helpful during the transition period from one job to the next. Our objective is to provide participants with an accurate picture of the current situation and the methods used in the job market, as well as the best tools and skills needed when searching for a new position.

We offer job search coaching for both groups and individuals. The training varies in duration lasting one to three days in general. The content of coaching can be tailored to the interests and needs of the participants and includes themes related to job searches and change.

Project management services

Our project management services help our clients flexibly resource their development and customer delivery projects, as well as develop project expertise within their organisation. We recruit various experts to meet the needs of our clients — from project team members to senior project and program directors.

Our extensive project manager database is an excellent tool, which helps client companies find a project manager to suit their needs easily and flexibly.

Our project management training and coaching services provide our clients with the skills and approaches they need to develop the success of their projects in the long term.

Our services include:

  • Staffing / resourcing project management functions
  • Recruitment of project managers
  • Basic training for project personnel
  • Advanced training for senior project managers
  • Training for project managers aiming for certification
  • Individual and group coaching for project managers

Coaching and consultancy

All our training, coaching and consulting projects are based on solid concepts, yet tailored to the needs of each client and audience. The content, form, and coaching methods are selected on the basis of objectives — whether they are connected to personal development, project management or improving line management skills.

Our coaching methods are practical, inspirational, and encourage participation.

All our coaches have first-hand management and leadership experience, combined with years of experience in carrying out challenging training and change management assignments.

Our services include:

  • Development of management and line management work
  • Development of the work community
  • Development of project activities
  • Development of human resource management
  • Outplacement

Staffing services

Staffing services are suited for situations in which a company's need for more personnel is temporary, such as when a replacement is needed for persons on sick leave, job alternation leave or family leave, or when professionals are needed for specific projects, peak seasons or periods of reorganisation.

Benefits of staffing services:

  • Professionals available quickly from our pool of jobseekers
  • Management of personnel risks, we only charge for actual working hours in all situations
  • Flexibility in times of change

We are specialised in providing professionals in the areas of human resources, financial administration, payroll administration and project management. We find the best talent for everyday administrative routines, as well as specialist and executive positions.

Recruitment services

Depending on the needs of the client, we can also assume responsibility for part of the recruitment process or manage the entire recruitment process from beginning to end — from selecting search channels to the selection of final candidates.

  • A flexible, well-scheduled, and straightforward recruitment process
  • A cost-effective alternative that saves the client's time